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Magnifying hood for Mamiya RB67 2,5x –> 4,25x magnification

Published October 16, 2020

How to convert magnification of standard magnifying hood from 2,5x to 4,25x (adjustable diopter correction also still works) – great for precise portrait focusing.

Pricing of used standard Magnifying Hood (2,5x magnification) – 35-60 EUR

Pricing of used Dual Magnifying Hood (adjustable 3x or 5x magnification) – 120 EUR and more

Loupe 4,25x magnification price 11,5 EUR

Waist Level Finder has magnifier which has 3x magnification and allow to see whole captured frame. Magnifying Hood has slightly brighter (better) view due to the less parasitic light inside the the hood compare to the WLF. When you apply the loupe with 4,25x magnification into the Magnifier Hood you can see only some central part of the frame NOT the whole captured area (similar as Dual Magnifier Hood).

All changes can be reverted back to the original set/configuration.

Detach the eyepiece tube from the hood and remove original lens from the bottom side.